Jonathan » Please see 1/13/04 entry. 30-years? I hope I resign before that! I'll remember not to hire the cheapest lawyer. What's Pat's fee?
Jonathan » I'm glad to see I rated as the most likely to go postal.
Jonathan » That's all the news I'm fit to print. I trust I may hear from you soon. Aren't you in Portsmouth this week?
Jonathan » I may be reached at the following: The first remains the primary address.
Jonathan » I see Pat is still among the living. So, where does that leave me? I'm working at the radio station this Saturday and Sunday. Considering you haven't posted in 2-months, this avenue is debatable.
Jonathan » Considering there's 3-years' worth of postings in your blog and you have but 2-months to decide on whether you look good in USAF blue, I thought I'd try the best next thing: cryptic IM's.
Jonathan » Ben? This is me! Back from Mongolia, I have returned to audit you. Who? What? Where? Why? And, when?
Jonathan » Hello?
jakee » hiyee!ur url used to be mine..enjoy!
jakee » hiyee!ur url used to be mine, due to uncontrolled circumtances i got to let go of it,wished to get it back but u have it already.enjoy!
Ghost of Entry » HOW DARE YOU KILL ME! Return me at once, or else!
travis » hi
jojo » hello
Brian » You should write some more
Pat » Merry Graduation Ben!!
Pat » It's a ledge Naaahhh!!!......splat!
Scott » SPLOSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pat » dernit ran out of space
Pat » Comments won't work... so I'll place my thoughts here Doesn't the rest of the world already view us as The Great Satan, the evil facless entity. Does it matter?
Rev Al Sharpton » Damn skippy, that boy is beast
Scott » I do not shriek like a girl.
Pat » Very Clever
Al » Reply to the Ayatohla- Um Ziggy say's that you haven't leaped because you need to not only subjugate the people, but you also have to make them like it
Pat » Hmm cool, the arguement for picking up an Xbox grows all the stronger
Scott » No one ever comments on mine
Brian » I enjoyed the predictions if you couldn't tell
Brian » Tis teh FUNNAY!!
Brian » HAHAHA
Ben » Ya'll better comment on this one that's all i got to say
Anna » No, I did it again, his fingernails this time, and not fire engine red like the last time.
Scott » Yes...I was there and witnessed it
Brian » Anna painted your fingernails...?
Anna » I love the Ben
Ben » Surfer guy, Go To Hell. Unless you're Pat. Then, hehe
Surfer Guy » Non-Conformity, Pot and Skateboards Man!!..Oh Wait it's winter... Non-Conformity, Pot and Snowboards Man!...
Pope Scott I » The Archmage can kiss my holy ass.
The Archmage » Lo, I cast my fireballs of exploding stuff upon the heinous Ayatola. Mayhap the Vatican will not have the "Protection from Evil" spell handy and be BLOW'D UP in the process I have spoken, let it be
Pope Scott I » I will crush the heretic Ayatola
Scott » I will do my best to be both witty and entertaining
Ben » Scottisms will appear every weds. provided Scott has said something witty or entertaining that week prior
Scott » i personally think Scottisms should be a regular feature of your entries...but that's just me, and my ego
Shankel » Damn Right!! Screw studying
Anna » I have cheese.
Shankel » The Boss stands out above the other 6.3 billion people...Cool Rock On Bruce!
Ben » oopsie, i mean monday
Ben » fine cheese on friday
Shankel » Yeah, bring back the cheese!
Scott » I still like cheese.
Scott » The Turkey Genocide will begin!
Scott » I love Anna too, but not the same way you do. But rather, in that non-sexual, sister kinda way.
Scott » foo
Christine » whee, I got a blog here, too! Spiky Asian hair = Arnel = you saying he's ugly... hahahahaha
Ben » i'm not talking about how you rule now, i'm talking about how you got the job. I have no idea what its like now, you don't allow people to enter or leave wickerville
Scott » Gentle people, don't believe such thoughts, I'm a benevolent king.
Scott » Its never good when one 'splodes from Chinese food. 'SPLODE!!!!!!!
Anna » Ben's Cute.
Scott » I'm king of the wicker people.
Ben » ok no more cheese on cheese, i may write one more in a couple days, but ya gotta give them some time. they get a little tuckered after all
Shankel » If you ask me, I'm all about the cheese on salsa action.
Scott » Cheese is hot, especially when its foreign cheese on cheese action.
Ben » hey scott started this whole cheese thing ask him
Christine » I don't even want to know about the whole cheese on cheese thing... or do I? =P
Anna » Cheese is the best, but what about the sweet creaminess of Havariti.
Brian » I'm looking for some hot cheese on cheese action...
Scott » I like cheese.
Brian » Ben, you're firggin nuts at 3AM, I'd like to see that side when you're hyped up on caffiene and playing Lan gmes at that time