Entry: New blog Friday, May 19, 2006

My blog is now on my space, i update there. or ya know what i'll just copy paste since this was here first, nm

here's what you've been missing

Whatcha thinking?
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     Ya ever wonder what it must be like to be really really stupid?  I mean imagine the stupidest person you know (people you actually know, not the idiots on tv) and try to picture the world through their eyes.  Is it drawn in crayon? are things skewed slightly to the right?  Is their a pretty picture of a pony dancing through your head whenever someone uses a big word? 
    Now where I work there aren't a great deal of truly stupid people.  Most have simply lost any sense of perspective.  I think the main problem they have is that they've wound up in a job where everyone is a wolly headed liberal and their for to out pose each other they just get more and more radical until they are as violent and terrifying as their opposites to the right.
    I often find myself as a mediator because I want to understand both sides of the arguement not just tear one side down.  But back to the point.
I'd like to admit right now that my interest in understanding the stupid, Is pure vanity.  I just wanna know what they think of me and what they think when I talk.  Does my manner of speech and vocabulary infuriate them?  Are they scared, possibly of looking stupid?  Do they simply see me as shorter than them and therefore insignificant? 
The world may never know, because frankly, only advertisement agencies and politicians want to know what the stupid are thinking, and neither of those groups share well.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Its amazing what some poeple can do
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ya know, it really amazes me what some people are capable of.  First off, before the this thought wanders off to die in a corner, If its going to upset you that my grammar, punctuation and spelling go out the window, then go read something else. Its an insignificant blog, no one else cares.

    ok so back to the main point. It amazes me what some people are capable of doing.  I didn't realize that a human being could so deliberately accomplish nothing.  It makes my head spin. 

LOL i just saw this cinnamon toast crunch swirl cereal or whatever its called.  Anyway, these kids are going to some dojo to "learn the way of the swirl" and they show a bunch of kids swirling their tongues around.  i hope some add company did that perverted little slice of joy on purpose.

back to the point.  maybe its just me and my type a personality talking, but if i'm at work, and everyone else is doing 4 to 5 times the work i'm doing i think i'd try to get a little more accomplished.  Or even if i was feeling lazy, I'm not sure i would be able to so artistically move slower than a road killed skunk. 

ok 'nough venting about work.

maybe something interesting next week.

updates will probably be during the week. when i feel like it.  only one person besides me reading this anyway.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

cause poop jokes are funny


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Friday, April 21, 2006

yet another blog i'll probaly ignore
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So when i pick the type of blog this is am I limited to that? even better, can i ignore it completely and just irritate people who choose it off a long list?  hehe once again the internet has proven to me that it can be used to accomplish great things of absolute insignifigance.  ummm.   eat it!!


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