Entry: Happy Birthday to me! Thursday, March 03, 2005

yuck, I'm 25. I'm a quater of a century old. But on the bright side. The final star wars movie is coming out. Hate to say it, but In high school Scott and I lamented the fact we would be 25 when the last SW came out. I have always been slightly confused on how to feel about birthdays. Part of me says, "Hurray for you, you survived yet another 365 days of the rest of humanity acting stupidly trying to kill you." and the other Part, more in the realm of Scott, "You are now one more step closer to death!" But to be honest, everyday is yet another day closer to death. Audible Sigh. I am very sick. I have a cold. Its gross. And it greatly amuses my co-workers. Basically the day consisted of Anna and I digging some holes in a line. Then Anna would walk off the compass and mark the next line of holes, as she walked away I would not-so-gracefully settle myself to the ground and promptly fall asleep. Seeing someone asleep in the woods or open field in the middle of the day is kinda funny on its own. But I think the funniest moment was about the end of the day. It was the last break of the day, Anna and I walked up to our co-workers who look to us. Shovel in hand I ask "Break time?" Scott replies "sounds like a damn good plan." By the second word in Scott's sentence I had collapsed to the ground and my eyes wer closed.. all in all it was a rough day. I do want to thank Anna for taking such good care of me while i've been sick, and Pat for the huge amount of reading material which have been very nice to have. Especially since my eyes are about the only things that work right now. Well have a good night. Ben (and to all of you thinking "holy crap two entries in one week?" bite me)


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