Entry: Modern Day Warriors Monday, February 28, 2005

When You see twenty well armed, pissed off, people at you, I suggest you run. Strangely, this is not the mentality that prevails in video games. Why? well obviously because there is no real consequence in video games. If you die, well you simply lose a little time, but its all play time anyway, so technically more time is a good thing. Now that you've all said "DUH!!!!" I want to explain my point. Video games have been used to desensitize American soldiers for over twenty years. Why? Because Americans do not have the warrior mentality as a nation. Theoretically a capatalist nation is comprised of individuals who place all action and thought upon acquiring and improving their own personal capital. Thus no death for the greater good mentality. We think of death as the ultimate villian, not something that can be accepted gracefully (unless you're 139). Personally I think this is a good thing. I do not think that generations of young men should give their lives for the personal agendas of older politicians and warmongering landowners or priests. But i digress. The Modern military uses video games to reinforce into its soldiers that death is not a consequence. Detachment from life of self and others is a wonderful tool to ingrain upon a warrior. No not warriors, soldiers. A warrior is serving a purpose of his own values and designs, death is inevitable and that fate must be accepted before a warrior status can be claimed. A soldier is bullet fodder, Meant to block anything dangerous from hitting the old men. Ok all the boring stuff aside, let me tell you know how much fun it is to be on side of twenty rushing at 5. (BIG FAT SMILE) Imagine yourself surrounded in Leather armer, carrying a big stick that can beat the drap out most anything. Now imagine there are twenty to thirty people equally or more heavily armed, running along beside you. Whats really fun, is the one or two people you encounter on the way to the battlefield. Its kinda like driving a make truck down a highway and that for stunned looking bunny just forgets to run. SQUISH!!! let me tell ya, having been in this situation in real life, this is always a fun situation. Course being on the recieving end ain't as fun, unless you manage to take five or more out with your stinking carcass. Well i'm just alittle too elated to creep writing. See ya next week. Ben


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