Entry: Not for me to decide Sunday, February 20, 2005

I know most of you think I don't update enough, well here's the skinny.  From now on my posts will be appearing once a week, on the weekends.  I know some of you are sad that my blog sucks ass but I hope you enjoy this little story from my life.

Anna and I have been working together since she recovered from surgery in December.  I've enjoyed working with her and I'm not sure that I'd be as happy with my job right now if it weren't for her.
     Unfortunate;y she and I have been working on Phase I projects.  A Phase I is the first Phase of an Archaeological dig
(BIG FAT DUH FOR THOSE WHO DIDN"T GUESS THAT) A phase I for Field Technicians like Anna and I means you walk 50ft in one direction, dig a hole about 1' deep, and repeat until lunch, come back from lunch continue digging holes and moving fifty feet at a time, Then go home.  Now I know most of you are thinking, "damn that's dull, but what about all the cool shit you find?"  Well shovel testing (the process just described) has a fairly low success level aynway, but to be honest, a Phase I usually is alot of nothing. 
      I dig the holes, put the dirt in the screener, Anna screens it, I right down that we didn't find anything and that the hole is just like the last one.  I dig between 60 - 80 holes a day.  Just to give you an idea, the norm for two field techs is 30 - 35. 
      So with some brief jaunts into mathworld I've dug about 2100 holes in manassas and dumfries and Fredericksburg.
  So with most of these holes filled with a bunch of nothing interesting.  Let me tell you at that point i was ready to go work at dairy queen.   Then friday, Anna and I found this really cool point (we don't call them arrow heads) It had the tip broken off but it was pretty and shiny and very cool.  This is a picture of what shape it was.  Although I'm not a big fan of lithics (rocks) it was fun to find something worthwhile.

                    I love my Job.

see ya in a week,


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