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Friday, July 28, 2006

Moving Forever
Wanderlust is now a myspace page, bcause blogdrive is limited and dull go there.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006
aturday, May 20, 2006

aturday, May 20, 2006

Geek Chic
Current mood: optimistic
Category: Art and Photography

I find it very interesting that the biggest block busters of recent memory have been based on what would be considered the dork realm of entertainment.
Don't believe me? check it out for yourself
in the top 25 alone 17 are based on either a fantasy book, a comic book, or are a Star Wars film.  Is it cool to be a geek now? Or is it cool to be a geek with tongue in cheek. Lets not forget, most of the actors and actresses are so deep into geekdom that they weird out geeks.  (think drama dorks from high school if you're not following the logic)
     At which point does watching X-men, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etccross over to dorkdom?  Reading the comic books shouldn't be the line.  Owning the dvd's certainly isn't dorky, hell special limited extended editions seem to have become common place.  I'll tell ya where ya cross the line into dork.  It can be measured several ways. First and most exact, if you spend more than $20 at anytime on any of the following:
Anything Comic Book related,
Anything that in anyway mentions elves
And greatest of all Any Spacecraft not built by nasa or russia.

The second way it can be measured is slightly less exact but still pretty good if you have done any of the following:
   Lost sleep over "the plight" of any fictional character,
      this includes soap operas and reality TV (no one on tv is acting like themselves)
    had a blog,
    said the phrase "my character..."
    Alphabetized any collection (including music)
    voluntarily stood in a line that wrapped around the side of anything (this exludes gov't waiting lines, and amusement parks.)
    GONE TO A CON!!!


'sides its alot more fun to just do what you love and revel in it.

though that isn't to say that
these people don't make my teeth hurt

can't wait for my trip


Currently watching:
Justice League - Season One (DC Comics Classic Collection)
Release date: By 21 March, 2006

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Friday, May 19, 2006
New blog

My blog is now on my space, i update there. or ya know what i'll just copy paste since this was here first, nm

here's what you've been missing

Whatcha thinking?
Current mood: holy crap there's a lot of choices

     Ya ever wonder what it must be like to be really really stupid?  I mean imagine the stupidest person you know (people you actually know, not the idiots on tv) and try to picture the world through their eyes.  Is it drawn in crayon? are things skewed slightly to the right?  Is their a pretty picture of a pony dancing through your head whenever someone uses a big word? 
    Now where I work there aren't a great deal of truly stupid people.  Most have simply lost any sense of perspective.  I think the main problem they have is that they've wound up in a job where everyone is a wolly headed liberal and their for to out pose each other they just get more and more radical until they are as violent and terrifying as their opposites to the right.
    I often find myself as a mediator because I want to understand both sides of the arguement not just tear one side down.  But back to the point.
I'd like to admit right now that my interest in understanding the stupid, Is pure vanity.  I just wanna know what they think of me and what they think when I talk.  Does my manner of speech and vocabulary infuriate them?  Are they scared, possibly of looking stupid?  Do they simply see me as shorter than them and therefore insignificant? 
The world may never know, because frankly, only advertisement agencies and politicians want to know what the stupid are thinking, and neither of those groups share well.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Its amazing what some poeple can do
Current mood: A.D.D.

ya know, it really amazes me what some people are capable of.  First off, before the this thought wanders off to die in a corner, If its going to upset you that my grammar, punctuation and spelling go out the window, then go read something else. Its an insignificant blog, no one else cares.

    ok so back to the main point. It amazes me what some people are capable of doing.  I didn't realize that a human being could so deliberately accomplish nothing.  It makes my head spin. 

LOL i just saw this cinnamon toast crunch swirl cereal or whatever its called.  Anyway, these kids are going to some dojo to "learn the way of the swirl" and they show a bunch of kids swirling their tongues around.  i hope some add company did that perverted little slice of joy on purpose.

back to the point.  maybe its just me and my type a personality talking, but if i'm at work, and everyone else is doing 4 to 5 times the work i'm doing i think i'd try to get a little more accomplished.  Or even if i was feeling lazy, I'm not sure i would be able to so artistically move slower than a road killed skunk. 

ok 'nough venting about work.

maybe something interesting next week.

updates will probably be during the week. when i feel like it.  only one person besides me reading this anyway.

Currently Playing:
XB360 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Release date: By 21 March, 2006

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

cause poop jokes are funny


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Friday, April 21, 2006

yet another blog i'll probaly ignore
Current mood: cynical
Category: Games

So when i pick the type of blog this is am I limited to that? even better, can i ignore it completely and just irritate people who choose it off a long list?  hehe once again the internet has proven to me that it can be used to accomplish great things of absolute insignifigance.  ummm.   eat it!!

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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Its only in your dreams.

I don't think I'm going to hell.  Some people believe I will for Gluttony (I'm 5'8" 149 lbs.) or for wrath (that one I might deserve, but i'm getting better)  or for just run of the mill not going to church. 
   I guess its weird to contemplate the concept of hell, because if Christian dogma is right, then yup I'm going to hell.  If Jewish Dogma is right, I'm going to hell.  If Ancient Greek dogma is right, Then I go to a place slightly better than limbo.  If hinduism is right, then I will come back as a jellyfish, or a proctologist, I'm not sure.
   But truth of the matter is, I'm not a bad guy, infact I  like to think of myself as chivalrous.  But again, most Christians would say I'm going to burn in eternal Hell and if they've read dante's inferno, they'll think I'm going to swim in a river of shit and blood for all eternity ripping apart my fellow prisoners. Eww.
   Any way Greg's awake so I'll continue this later.

Posted at 09:22 am by mmatc001
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Thursday, June 02, 2005
Night 783: Last night of the Crusade

Its amazing to me that blogs have become such a big deal.  I know I don't update mine very much (or at all). But I've always felt that a blog was more of a personal thing anyway.  I mean of course there is the underlying "But if it was strictly personal then why put it on the internet?" argument.  Well in answer to that I had a simple explanation.  I thought bloggers were attention whores; like I am. for example, i can't even defer to another person without brinign attention to myself observe a online conversation:

so that enough about me, tell me of the brian
Psybabar: haha, the Brian eh?
Psybabar: He's doig well
Kage Swordsman: yes "the brian"
Kage Swordsman: no caps


 We put our private lives and thoughts out there for all to see.  I on the other hand do not have an interesting enough private life, nor do i have the linguistic know how to express my political, spiritual, musical, artistic, or any other useful istical  thoughts.
  So i have dedicated my private created font to be an outlet for the part of my brain that decides to allow nonsense to run free. so without further adue i give you. a new musical spoof.

So in your head or mp3 player or however it is cave men listen to music, start playing that "Leaving on a jet plane song" or just click here No HERE you fool

All ribs are racked, he's ready to go
He's groanin' there next to the door
he'll never do more than say "bra-iinnsss!"

But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn
The mobs are wailin', they're eating limb's that are torn
he'll eat you all, untill you die

So hit him and burn him a bit
use a bat and beat him to shit
decapitate him cause he'll never let the brains go

Zom-bie on a jet plane
inflight movie ain't the only pain
Zom-bie, he ate you all

It's a ...

There's so many times you knock him down
So many zombies all around
he'll bite you now, then don't do a thing

Every place you go, you'll think of brains
Every one youe see, you'll see there brains
When It comes back the bullet wounds won't even sting!

So hit him and burn him a bit
use a bat and beat him to shit
decapitate him cause he'll never let the brains go

Zom-bie on a jet plane
inflight movie ain't the only pain
Zom-bie, he ate you all

Now the time has come to eat you
One more time, oh, let him bite you
And close your eyes and you'll be on your way

Scream about the end of days
When he won't have to eat alone
About the times that you won't have to say ...

So hit him and burn him a bit
use a bat and beat him to shit
decapitate him cause he'll never let the brains go

Zom-bie on a jet plane
inflight movie ain't the only pain
Zom-bie, he ate you all

Zom-bie on a jet plane
inflight movie ain't the only pain
Zom-bie, he ate you all

But it's a Zombie on a jet plane
(Ow ow ow ow)
Zombie on a jet plane
(Ow ow ow ow)
Zombie on a jet plane
(Ow ow ow ow)
Zombie on a jet plane
(Ow ow ow ow)
Zombie on a jet plane
(Ow ow ow ow)
Zombie on a jet plane
(Ow ow ow ow)
Zombie on a jet plane
(Ow ow ow ow)
Zombie on a jet plane
(Ow ow ow ow)
Zombie on a jet plane
(Ow ow ow ow)
(Zombie) On a jet plane

HEHE that made me smile alot. bye

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Thursday, March 03, 2005
Happy Birthday to me!

yuck, I'm 25. I'm a quater of a century old. But on the bright side. The final star wars movie is coming out. Hate to say it, but In high school Scott and I lamented the fact we would be 25 when the last SW came out. I have always been slightly confused on how to feel about birthdays. Part of me says, "Hurray for you, you survived yet another 365 days of the rest of humanity acting stupidly trying to kill you." and the other Part, more in the realm of Scott, "You are now one more step closer to death!" But to be honest, everyday is yet another day closer to death. Audible Sigh. I am very sick. I have a cold. Its gross. And it greatly amuses my co-workers. Basically the day consisted of Anna and I digging some holes in a line. Then Anna would walk off the compass and mark the next line of holes, as she walked away I would not-so-gracefully settle myself to the ground and promptly fall asleep. Seeing someone asleep in the woods or open field in the middle of the day is kinda funny on its own. But I think the funniest moment was about the end of the day. It was the last break of the day, Anna and I walked up to our co-workers who look to us. Shovel in hand I ask "Break time?" Scott replies "sounds like a damn good plan." By the second word in Scott's sentence I had collapsed to the ground and my eyes wer closed.. all in all it was a rough day. I do want to thank Anna for taking such good care of me while i've been sick, and Pat for the huge amount of reading material which have been very nice to have. Especially since my eyes are about the only things that work right now. Well have a good night. Ben (and to all of you thinking "holy crap two entries in one week?" bite me)

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Monday, February 28, 2005
Modern Day Warriors

When You see twenty well armed, pissed off, people at you, I suggest you run. Strangely, this is not the mentality that prevails in video games. Why? well obviously because there is no real consequence in video games. If you die, well you simply lose a little time, but its all play time anyway, so technically more time is a good thing. Now that you've all said "DUH!!!!" I want to explain my point. Video games have been used to desensitize American soldiers for over twenty years. Why? Because Americans do not have the warrior mentality as a nation. Theoretically a capatalist nation is comprised of individuals who place all action and thought upon acquiring and improving their own personal capital. Thus no death for the greater good mentality. We think of death as the ultimate villian, not something that can be accepted gracefully (unless you're 139). Personally I think this is a good thing. I do not think that generations of young men should give their lives for the personal agendas of older politicians and warmongering landowners or priests. But i digress. The Modern military uses video games to reinforce into its soldiers that death is not a consequence. Detachment from life of self and others is a wonderful tool to ingrain upon a warrior. No not warriors, soldiers. A warrior is serving a purpose of his own values and designs, death is inevitable and that fate must be accepted before a warrior status can be claimed. A soldier is bullet fodder, Meant to block anything dangerous from hitting the old men. Ok all the boring stuff aside, let me tell you know how much fun it is to be on side of twenty rushing at 5. (BIG FAT SMILE) Imagine yourself surrounded in Leather armer, carrying a big stick that can beat the drap out most anything. Now imagine there are twenty to thirty people equally or more heavily armed, running along beside you. Whats really fun, is the one or two people you encounter on the way to the battlefield. Its kinda like driving a make truck down a highway and that for stunned looking bunny just forgets to run. SQUISH!!! let me tell ya, having been in this situation in real life, this is always a fun situation. Course being on the recieving end ain't as fun, unless you manage to take five or more out with your stinking carcass. Well i'm just alittle too elated to creep writing. See ya next week. Ben

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Sunday, February 20, 2005
Not for me to decide

I know most of you think I don't update enough, well here's the skinny.  From now on my posts will be appearing once a week, on the weekends.  I know some of you are sad that my blog sucks ass but I hope you enjoy this little story from my life.

Anna and I have been working together since she recovered from surgery in December.  I've enjoyed working with her and I'm not sure that I'd be as happy with my job right now if it weren't for her.
     Unfortunate;y she and I have been working on Phase I projects.  A Phase I is the first Phase of an Archaeological dig
(BIG FAT DUH FOR THOSE WHO DIDN"T GUESS THAT) A phase I for Field Technicians like Anna and I means you walk 50ft in one direction, dig a hole about 1' deep, and repeat until lunch, come back from lunch continue digging holes and moving fifty feet at a time, Then go home.  Now I know most of you are thinking, "damn that's dull, but what about all the cool shit you find?"  Well shovel testing (the process just described) has a fairly low success level aynway, but to be honest, a Phase I usually is alot of nothing. 
      I dig the holes, put the dirt in the screener, Anna screens it, I right down that we didn't find anything and that the hole is just like the last one.  I dig between 60 - 80 holes a day.  Just to give you an idea, the norm for two field techs is 30 - 35. 
      So with some brief jaunts into mathworld I've dug about 2100 holes in manassas and dumfries and Fredericksburg.
  So with most of these holes filled with a bunch of nothing interesting.  Let me tell you at that point i was ready to go work at dairy queen.   Then friday, Anna and I found this really cool point (we don't call them arrow heads) It had the tip broken off but it was pretty and shiny and very cool.  This is a picture of what shape it was.  Although I'm not a big fan of lithics (rocks) it was fun to find something worthwhile.

                    I love my Job.

see ya in a week,

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Sunday, January 23, 2005
I hate you scott

So it turns out that Scott wrote the no longer existing entry. So a little tribute to Scott will be made today. Today pat really wanted me to update. So here is a story dedicated to Scott, for being a bastard. So back in high school I was the Shit. I was the everything, I could walk through the halls and people would fear my vastly superior intellect. I was scorned and loved, hated and adored. My life was going to be the pinnacle of humn existence. I was going to be the metaphorical love child of Lex Luthor, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Dubya. i would conquer all with reckless abandon and no regard to repercussion. I was untouchable. now I'm still untouchable but thats because nobody wants to touch a dirty homeless wino. I'm not actually a wino, but i am dirty. And i have a home, But most people don't want to acknowledge a refridgerator box as a home. But hey i have indoor plumbing. Its a milk jug, and whatever else i feel like pissing or shitting that day. But hey at least I'm still feared. I bet you want to know what happened to me. Well to be honest I was lazy. I was so used to people giving me everything i just expected the same at Berkley. Anywhoo, that didn't work out. Turns out nobody gives a shit who you are once you're out of High school. In fact why the hell do you care what happened to me. Oh, that's right ! I mugged you and took your severed head back to my box. At least your a good listener. By everyone Ben

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Sunday, December 19, 2004
Obscene Entry

DELETED FROM BLOG. I was embarrassed when i saw this on my blog, I'm not sure I wrote it. Sorry

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